Rovaniemi Traveller combines all of the citys restaurants, services, places to visit and transportation. Get to know the opportunities, wake your inner explorer and get ready to experience Rovaniemi in the way that fits you!

Find your restaurant

Rovaniemi is known for its diverce selection of restaurants. Make yourself acquainted to local restaurants and find the best one for you!

Go shopping!

You’ll find interesting and inspiring stores of which you will find useful products. Some local stores offer lappish handicraft and products that cannot be bought anywhere else.

Lose yourself into activities

What would you like to do? Take a peek to our selection of activites and try an activity that is either familiar and safe or new and exciting!

Pick a vehicle

Choosing to go by foot isn’t always the best way to move around. Getting to places in Rovaniemi is easy and quick in many ways. Check the timetable of local busses or selection of transportation service providers.

About Rovaniemi traveller

Rovaniemi Traveller gathers restaurants, services, stores and activites of Rovaniemi into one place in order to make it easy to visit or live in the city. You can also benefit from perks that local companies offer after you’ve registered to Rovaniemi Traveller. It’s free!

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VAT 24% is added.

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